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« à la carte » stays

Hotel stay :
From one to several nights
Holidays stay :
For a week or more ...
Fitness stay :
combining relaxation and thermal spa care
Thermal cure :
3 weeks at a preferential rate for hydrotherapy


Location of Residence

Montbrun les Bains

At the end of the gorges of Toulourenc, built on the foothills of Mount Ventoux, Montbrun appears suddenly, raising its hill of houses huddled against each other, blowned towards the sky like organ pipes.
Covered with red ocher tiles, buildings in Montbrun rise 3 or 4 levels and are flared foot for a better seat, as if they were  looking for deeper roots in the rock. The castle is a ghost, but legend says that it could accommodate 100 masters, their servants and 200 horses

Today people “climb” there in the summer time for its appreciable weather.
Calade Grand Soleil - a street paved with stone tumbles into the hillside and leading to the door of Notre-Dame, one of four entrances to the ol
d fortress. With the Belfry, the church is part of the treasures of Montbrun.
Since prehistoric times, Montbrun has always
exercised its power of attraction on men. Roman period, Middle Ages, many historical relics are beautiful witnesses of the past. Surrounded by mountains,  Montbrun has preserved its own personality, its character, its authenticity. Look, breathe. Nestled in a lavender surrounding fringed with green, ocher of old stone houses heated by the sun reveal all their perfumes.
Picturesque, charming .... Montbrun les Bains is worth ranking among the 100 officially most beautiful villages of France.

Discover the Drôme Provençale
Colorful department, with bright lights of lavender fields in the sun, feel the dark calming atmosphere of old cloisters,  refresh yourself in the water of rivers that run between the mountains.
Drome in all its senses:
Drome is a shock, but a soft shock. From the Plateaux of Vercors to the Drome Provencal, the region deploys so many colors, smells, tastes ... and Peace.
Lavender, vineyards, walnut trees but also the wind and the rivers have shaped the  breathtaking landscapes.
Man doesn’t triumph over nature but compose with it. And this complicity has created a unique lifestyle. For centuries, men have tried to control their territory. Not to dominate it. Just tame it.
Go to a lavender flowering field, in front of the trellis vines, on a snowy plateau of the Vercors, along the Rhone, in front of a culinary specialty of the Drome or ... take a truffle, open a bottle of olive oil ....
And try not to open your eyes,  to take the wine glass to your lips,  to taste, to breathe the perfume of the Drôme. Try ...

For all tastes and for everyone
The culinary traditions of Drome are an expression of both terroir and history.

The wine is unique. The truffle too, and nuts, nougat, cheese, chocolate, fruits, teas, olive oil from Nyons give you the opportunity to taste and to enjoy the sunshine that exalts all those flavors.